Wheeling Jamboree
Wheeling Jamboree Legacy Venue Timeline



Radio Station WWVA Hawley Building
where early
Wheeling Jamboree
Broadcasts began

Former Hawley Bldg.


Midnight Jamboree
Studio Shows
Former Hawley Building


6 Years

Now known as Mull Center Offices


Capitol Theatre
Capitol Music Hall
"Jamboree USA Years"
1969 - 2005

Capitol Theatre

Transition from Hawley studios
*Official Presentation April 1, 1933 February 10, 1934 moved to the Victoria Theater in for short run

Wheeling Jamboree 1969-2005

"Jamboree USA Years"

36 Consecutive Years




Victoria Theater

Victoria Theater


Moved from Capitol Theatre
in 1934 for short run

Again January 2009 - December 2009
1+ Year

West Virginia's
Oldest Standing Theater

Currently Presenting
Amateur Variety Shows




Market Auditorium


8 Years
Next moved to the Virginia Theatre
Various time as needed
Demolished 1964





Virginia Theatre



Home to the Wheeling Jamboree
Short run 1936
Returned 1946 - 1962
17 Years
Next moved to the REX Theater

Nationally Syndicated Broadcast
NBC Years

Demolished 1962




Rex Theater
also briefly known as
Coronet Theater

Rex Theater




Home to the Wheeling Jamboree
3 Years
Next moved to Wheeling Island Expo Hall

Demolished early 1990's



Wheeling Island
Exhibition Hall

Wheeling Island Expo Hall


Home to the Wheeling Jamboree
3 Years
Next returned to Capitol Theatre

Currently Owned by
Wheeling Island Gaming, Inc.
"Not in Use"

Sources: 1976 50th anniversary booklet published by WWVA radio compiled by Virginia Alderman
Journal of Country Music, Wheeling Ohio County Library, Various Artist interviews

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The Wheeling Jamboree is broadcast on WWOV 101.1 FM and online wwovfm.com
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