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Generations of Radio listeners going back as far as the late 1920’s recollect hundreds of
“Barn Dance Themed Radio Shows” that blanketed the Nations Crackling Radio Airwaves.

Emanating from its Northeast home in Wheeling, WV since 1933, it's rich History and Long list of Pioneering
Country Music Artists is unprecedented. “The World’s Original Wheeling Radio Jamboree” is one of the last remaining shows of its type, being second only to “Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry” in longevity.

Some of the prestigious past producers of the Jamboree include: Wheeling based Fidelity Insurance and Investments, Storer Broadcasting, Coca-Cola corporation,
West Virginia Broadcasting Corporation, media companies Screen Gems- a division of Columbia Pictures, “Broadcast Giant” Emil Mogul owner of Basic Communications, Price Communications, Osborn Communications, Atlantic Star Communications, AM/FM Inc, Belkin Entertainment, Clear Channel Entertainment and Live Nation.

The broadcast and stage presentation of The Wheeling Jamboree (then known as Jamboree USA) was nearly lost forever when in December 2005 (Belkin Entertainment - Clear Channel) ”Live Nation” (former owners of Wheeling’s Landmark Capitol Theatre) were in corporate transition when the weekly production of the Jamboree live show fell victim to the events surrounding these changes. Immediately the current operators of the Wheeling Jamboree formed the present Non-Profit Organization to rescue and preserve the original format and integrity of the weekly Saturday Jamboree show.

Staff of the originating radio station WWVA AM 1170 (Talk-Format since 1997) continued to air 120 weeks of archived recordings and several live studio Jamboree shows through March 2008. In mid April 2008 WWVA resumed live broadcast arrangements with the Jamboree’s current operating group, finally then ending the historic ties between 1170 WWVA radio and the Wheeling Jamboree in early December 2008.

Wheeling area station WKKX AM 1600 immediately picked up the weekly Saturday program along with a growing number of Country Format and Community Radio stations. The show also has a substantial online audience each Satur.day, streaming the syndicated live audio feed and also simulcasts its live internet video. Long time fans of the show are only now rediscovering they can still experience the Jamboree.

In late 2013 an application was filed with the Federal Communications Commission to operate a local radio station
owned and operated by the Wheeling Jamboree. In October 2014 with private donations, and facility support from regional business supporters Lauttamus Communications and Stratus Wave Communications, WWOV 101.1 FM went on the air to return the Jamboree to the air-waves in the Greater Wheeling Region. A variety of programming in addition to the Live Jamboree Broadcasts and can be discovered online at www.WWOVFM.com.

Wheeling's Capitol Theatre had historically been the most widely recognized home to the Jamboree and recognized as one of Country Music's significant Venues. The Jamboree production was not entirely exclusive to the Capitol Theatre from the shows start, as it has been held at various other auditoriums and theaters in town since 1933. The building has since been purchased by the Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau and currently operated by the City Sports and Entertainment authority with its name reverted to its original "Capitol Theatre". In 2005 it had been deemed unsafe by City code authorities at the same time the corporate restructure of Live Nation and Clear Channel Radio were in transition themselves. The Capitol Theatre has since been brought up to code and reopened in the Fall of 2009 without the Jamboree as its core means of programming as it had been for decades.

A who’s who in Country Music have been regular members of the Jamboree and made frequent appearances over the past 8 decades with many, commonly residing in Western PA, Eastern OH and the greater Wheeling area. In the mid 80’s Glen Dale, WV, native Brad Paisley tenured a number of years in the Jamboree staff band and has gone on to be
one of Country’s brightest stars.

Without a permanent Venue in downtown Wheeling  the Jamboree has been forced to move to no less than 15 sites since the exit from the Capitol Music Hall. On October 3rd 2015 the former Downtown Eagles Facilty at 944 Main Street just steps from the Capitol Stage had become a short lived home to the Jamboree. The Jamboree has however returned to the Capitol Theatre for quarterly shows since 2016.

Whether you know the Jamboree as the Original WWVA Jamboree, Jamboree USA or The Wheeling Jamboree it remains the 2nd oldest Country Music Radio Broadcast Stage Show in History.

A group of dedicated individuals is established to preserve the historic broadcast program, stage show and to
assist young music students with education.

Wheeling Jamboree, Inc. -  501(c)-3 Non-profit corporation
Continuing succession in a long line of leadership of an American Music Landmark.
2024 - 2025 Board of Directors

Leaders from various segments of music, broadcasting, 
education, business community and entertainment industry.
who volunteer their time and work tirelessly serving on the Jamboree Board.

Dave Heath


 Dave Heath - Pres. / Treas.
 Wheeling Jamboree, Inc.
 WWOV Radio - Wheeling
 Jamboree Executive Producer

Press & Relations Contact
 Office Ph: 304.907.0306
 PO Box 470
 Wheeling, WV 26003

Bill Orkoskey
 Bill Orkoskey - Secretary
Wheeling Area Businessman
 US Army 'ret'  
 Retail Marketing
 "Up With People"
 Education & Music

John Shook


 John Shook - Director

 Promotions Public Relations
 Community Outreach

Terri Cunningham


 Terri Cunningham - Director
 Wheeling area Realtor
 On Air Radio Personality
 Property Specialist


Robbie Kettlewell

 Robbie Kettlewell - Director
Local Musician

 Live Event Production Specialist

John Angius

 John Angius- Director
Founding Member
Short Creek Flatt Pickers
Wheeling Area Businessman

/Melissa Rebholz


Melissa Rebholz - Director

Events Hospitality - Creative

Debbie Jones


Debbie Jones  - Director
West Virginia Indepenence Hall Museum

Associate Directors & Advisory

D. Hoard

Don Hoard  - Associate Director
Jamboree Entertainer
 Performer Staff Since 1967

Keith Bilbrey

Keith Bilbrey - Industry Advisor
 TV & Radio Personality
 Host of Numerous Country
 Music Productions
 Veteran Announcer of the
 Grand Ole Opry
 650 WSM - Nashville
 *Gabriel Communications
 *Host of Larry's Country Diner
 *RFD-TV Network 
Member TN Boardcasting HOF

C. Gurley


Cathy Gurley - Advisor
 PR Executive Nashville
 Co- Founder CMA Fest &
 Jamboree in the Hills

B. Griffin

Buddy Griffin - Jamboree Entertainer
Staff Performer
Member WV Music Hall of Fame


Carol Lee Cooper - Advisor
 Retired - Nashville, TN
 Founder of the Carol Lee Singers
 Daughter of Legacy Jamboree
 Entertainers & Cast Members -
 Stoney & Wilma Lee Cooper

Anthony Humphrey - Associate Director
In Memorium 
Audio Engineering
Event Sound Production


Past Board Members

M. Spicher

Matt Spicher
 Active Dir. 2010 - 2012

Artist Management
 Record Producer
 Son of famed Jamboree fiddler
 Buddy Spicher

P. Tillis

 Pam Tillis
 Active Dir. 2010 - 2012

Pictured with her Father Mel Tillis

J. Williams

Jett Williams - Director
 Active Dir. 2013
Country Music Entertainer
Daughter of Country Music
 icon Hank Williams, Sr.

K. Adkinson

 Keith Adkinson - Director
 Active Dir. 2013
Entertainment Legal Council
 Webster & Assoc. PR, Nashville, TN
 Pictured with wife Jett Williams

C. Cook

  Charlie Cook - Director
Active Dir. 2010 - 2013
Radio - Entertainment Exec.
  President - McVay-Cook Media
  West Virginia Radio Corp.
  Board of Dirs.
  *Country Music Association
  *Academy of Country Music
  *Former Program Director
  WWVA 1170 - Wheeling

T. Miller

 Tom Miller - Director
Active Dir. 2012 - 2013
 *WESBANCO - Banking Center.
 *PD WWVA 1170 - 26yrs
*CO-MC Jamboree USA  -20yrs
*CO-MC Jamboree in the Hills - 20yrs
 *KQV Radio Pittsburgh - 6yrs
*The Voice of Oglebay Resort


Roger Hoard
Active Dir. 2007 - 2012
Jamboree Entertainer
Performer Staff Since 1967

D. Paisley

  Doug Paisley
  "Director Emeritus"
  Active Dir. 2007-2009

  Pictured with Son Brad

Past Board President

J. McCamic

 Jeff McCamic
 Board President
 2007 - 2012




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