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Doc Williams & The Border Riders

Doc & Chickie Williams
with daughters
Peeper Punkin' & Pooch

Doc Williams Family

The Bailes Brothers

The Lilly Brothers
The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover

The Wilburn Brothers
The Wilburn Brothers

Reno & Smiley

Abbie Neal & The Ranch Girls

The Sunshine Boys

Ray Couture
"Abner Doolittle"

Hardrock Gunter
Sidney L. Gunter Jr.
"Hardrock Gunter"

Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody

The Statler Brothers
The Statler Brothers

The Oak Ridge Boys

Johnny Russell
Johnny Russell

Roger & Don Hoard 1967

Frank Necessary & The Stone Mountain Boys

The Short Creek Flat-Pickers

The New Generation Express

1170 Band
The 11/70 Band

Loretta Lynn live recording cover
Loretta Lynn
Recorded Live at the Wheeling Jamboree

Country Music Walkway of Stars at Wheeling's Capitol Theatre
Formerly Known as the Capitol Music Hall
Legacy Entertainers of The Original Wheeling Jamboree & Jamboree USA

"The King of Bluegrass" Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Martin
Crazy Elmer Crazy Elmer
Mac Wiseman
Mac Wiseman
Former Jamboree Director
Producer of
The Wheeling Jamboree
Co-Founder The
Country Music Assn
Ken Curtis
TV Series Gun Smoke
Member of Roy Rogers
Sons of the Pioneers
Member of the Jamboree
Big Slim
Big Slim
Skeeter Bonn Skeeter Bonn

The Stanley Brothers

Grandpa Jones
Louis Marshall Jones

Buddy Starcher

Don Kidwell

Dusty Owens
Dusty Owens
Hawkshaw Hawkins Hawkshaw Hawkins

Lee Moore
Roy Scott Roy Scott

Red Sovine

Dick Curless

Marty Robbins Marty Robbins

Wilma Lee
Stoney Cooper
Dusty  Brown & Johnny Angel The
Dusty Brown

Rusty & Doug Kershaw
Rusty & Doug Kershaw

Ira & Charlie
The Louvin Brothers

Toby Stroud

Kenny Roberts Kenny Roberts

Hank Snow
Hank Snow

The Osborne Brothers   Osborne Brothers

The Vandergrift Brothers
Vandergrift Bros.

Jimmy Stephens 60s Jimmy Stephens

David Houston

Junior Norman Junior Norman

Marty Martel

Dave Dudley

Conway Twitty
Merle Haggard Merle Haggard

Blue Ridge Quartet

Patti Powell Patti Powell

Billy "Crash" Craddock

Tom T. Hall Tom T. Hall

Johnny Cash
Charley Pride

Don Hoard

Lionel Cartwright Lionel Cartwright

Roger Hoard

Brad Paisley Brad Paisley


Tammy Wynette

George Jones






Darnell Miller
Darnell Miller

Leon Douglas







Glenn Reeves

Elton Britt







Ronnie Milsap

Charlie Moore
Bill Napier


Chris Day





Sandy Huffman



Buck Owens

Mel Tillis


Jamboree Artist Timeline

1927 [back to index]

  • Silver Yodelin' Bill Jones and the Sparkling Four


  • Fred Craddock's Happy Five (Fred Craddock, Gay Schwing + more)


  • Cap, Andy and Flip (Warren Caplinger, Andy Patterson, William Strickland)
  • Elmer Crowe
  • The Tweedy Brothers

1933 [back to index]

  • Bill Jones and the Rhythm Rogues (Bill Jones, Fred Gardini, Blaine Heck, Paul Myers)
  • Just Plain John Oldham
  • Loye Donald "Cowboy Loye" Pack


  • Chuck and Don
  • Hank and Slim Newman
  • Peruna Panhandle Rangers


  • Handsome Bob Bouch & Happy Johnny Zufall
  • Hugh and Shug's Radio Pals (Hugh Cross, Shug Fisher, Mary Ann Vestes)
  • The Rhythm Rangers (Loren Bledsoe, Harold "Pete" Rensler, Mary Ann Estes)
  • Roy Freeman
  • Slim Carter
  • Slim Cox and his Flyin' X Roundup (Mel Cox, Red Kidwell, Hal Harris)
  • Tex Harrison's Texas Buckaroos (Tex Harrison, French Mitchell, Auvil Mitchell)


  • Frankie More's Log Cabin Gang
  • Frankie More's Log Cabin Boys (Frankie More, Fiddlin Dale Cole, Dolph Hewitt)
  • Frankie More's Log Cabin Girls (Frankie More, Alma Crosby, Cousin Emmy, Rhoda Jones, Penny Woodford, Celia Mauri)
  • Grandpa Jones
  • Jake Taylor and His Railsplitters (Jake Taylor, Betty Taylor, Ray "Quarantine" Brown, Herman Redmon)


  • Doc Williams and His Border Riders (Doc Williams, Curley Sims, Cy Smik, Mary Calvas, Hamilton Fincher, Big Slim McAuliffe)
  • Big Slim McAuliffe
  • Joe Barker's Chuck Wagon Gang
  • The Singing Sailors (Red Sovine, Johnnie Bailes)


  • Charlie Monroe and His Kentucky Pardners


  • Honey and Sonny (Maxine Davis, Nial Davis)
  • Joe Barker's Radio Cirkus
  • Lew Childre's Band (Lew Childre, Floyd Tillman + more)
  • Millie Wayne
  • Tommy Nelson Gang (Tommy Nelson, Nial Davis, Maxine Davis)

1940 [back to index]

  • Blaine Smith
  • Calvin "Curley" Miller
  • Mack Jeffers and His Fiddlin' Farmers (Mack Jeffers, Celia Mauri)
  • Pete Cassell
  • The Davis Twins, Honey and Sonny


  • Anthony Slater "Smiley Sutter"/"Crazy Elmer"
  • Benny Kissinger
  • Big Slim's Happy Ranch Gang
  • Chuck Wagon Doughboys
  • Lew Childre and His Buckeyes
  • Chief Redhawk


  • Eileen and Maxine Newcomer
  • The Leary Family (Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper + more)
  • The Saylor Sisters (Wanda, Jeanie and Linda)


  • Radio Rangerettes (Millie Wayne, Ruth "Bonnie" Baldwin)


  • Toby Stroud's Wyoming Ranch Boys (Toby Stroud, Buck Ryan, Bill Bailey)
  • Toby Stroud's Blue Mountain Boys


  • Gay Schwing and His Gang From the HIlls (Gay Schwing, Herman Schwing, Ramona Schwing)
  • Hawkshaw Hawkins
  • Reed "The Singing Mountaineer" Dunn


  • Shorty Fincher's Prairie Pals


  • Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper and the Clinch Mountain Clan


  • Red Belcher's Kentucky Ridge Runners
  • Bill "Peg Pants" Beach
  • The Lilly Brothers
  • George Morgan
  • Ken Curtis


  • Don Kidwell
  • Hank Snow
  • Lee Moore & Juanita Moore
  • The Sunshine Boys (Fred Daniel, Ace Richman, J. D. Sumner, Eddie Wallace)

1950 [back to index]


  • Country Harmony Boys (Roy Scott, Gene Jenkins, Monte Blake, James Carson, Will Carver, Bill Chamberlain)
  • Dusty Owens


  • The Bailey Brothers and Their Happy Valley Boys (Charles Bailey, Dan Bailey, Don McHan, Joe Stuart, Clarence "Tater" Tate, Jake Tullock)
  • Bob Gallion
  • Gene Hooper
  • Skeeter Bonn


  • Cowboy Phil's Golden West Girls (Philip Reed, Gay Franzi, Tina Franzi, Abbie Neal, Wanda Saylor)
  • Lone Pine & Betty Cody


  • Bud Messner and His Skyline Boys
  • Buddy & Marion Durham
  • Mabelle Seiger and Her Sons of the Plains (Mabelle Seiger, Curly Seiger, Chuck Cook, Jim Cook)


  • Charlie Bailey's Band (Charlie Bailey, Bobby Osborne, Sonny Osborne + more)
  • Jim & Jesse McReynolds
  • Hylo Brown and His Buckskin Boys
  • Osborne Brothers (Bobby Osborne, Sonny Osborne, Red Allen, Ernie Newton)


  • Kathy Dee


  • Kenny Roberts

1962 [back to index]

  • Country Gentlemen


  • Jimmie Stephens


  • Charlie Moore & Bill Napier


  • Cousin Wilbur Wesbrooks
  • Esco Hankins
  • David Houston
  • Jim Greer's Mac-O-Chee Valley Folks
  • Red Smiley and His Bluegrass Cutups
  • Stanley Brothers
  • Mary Lou Turner


  • Darnell Miller
  • Mac Wiseman
  • Johnny Dollar


  • Beverly Heckel
  • Tater Tate and the Shenandoah Cutups

1970 [back to index]

  • Junior Norman
  • Freddy Carr
  • Patti Powell
  • Kay Kemmer
  • Gus and Jo Ann Thomas
  • Jerry Brightman
  • Slim Lehart
  • Buddy Ray
  • Penny DeHaven
  • Compton Brothers
  • Skinny Clark
  • Kenny Biggs
  • Elton Britt
  • Bud Cutright
  • Lynn Stewart
  • Holly Garrett
  • Doty Lynn
  • Roger Hoard
  • John LeMaster
  • The Heckles
  • Crazy Elmer
  • Denny Franks


  • Rick Erickson
  • The Heckels
  • Beth Moore
  • Dick Curless
  • Les Seevers
  • Joe Pain
  • George Elliott
  • Buddy Griffin
  • Mayf Nutter
  • Bob Wood
  • Frank Necessary
  • Ray Kirkland
  • David Smith
  • Johnny Russell
  • Doc and Chickie Williams
  • Dave Dudley
  • Blue Ridge
  • Kay Kenner
  • Jerry Taylor
  • Van Trevor
  • Linda Kay Lance
  • Margo Smith
  • Jo Ann Davis


  • Patty Joy


  • Karen McKenzie
  • Steve Mazure
  • Walter Bailes Singers (Frankie Bailes, Dorothy Jo Hope + more)
  • Greg Steele


  • Blue Ridge Quartet
  • Sandy Brickner
  • The Cochrans
  • Leon Douglas
  • Johnston Brothers
  • Dody Lynn
  • Sabrina Marie
  • Kevin Mabry
  • Darnell Miller
  • Junior Norman
  • Cindy Reitter
  • Joey Ross
  • Kathy Ross
  • Kathy Shaw
  • Lynn Stewart
  • Stone Mountain Boys
  • Tommy Wills
  • Donnie Woodson
  • Chris Allen
  • Mike White
  • Bluegrass Convention
  • Lenny Gault

[back to index]


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