Wheeling Jamboree Relocates to Alternate Site

PRESS RELEASE CONTACT: Bill Orkoskey – Media Press Relations
Wheeling Jamboree, Inc. a 501–(c)-3 Corp. 304.907.0306
September 14, 2015

WHEELING, WV: Jamboree officials in early July had set about to relocate to a make-shift “Sound Stage” and retrofit the former Kaufman Bridal Store on Main Street by creating a multi-use Museum and Souvenir Shop for the historic program. However, in recent days an “Exclusive Use” agreement was made as a result in availability of the FOE building at 944 Main. The Jamboree Board of Directors and station management at the new WWOV 101.1 FM are now in the process of making the facility ready for Jamboree shows and studio operations.

Jamboree President Dave Heath says “the Kaufman building will make an ideal retail location for many types of business’s but the large auditorium and footprint of the Eagles building is designed for sizable audiences and is well-matched for the Live Stage Broadcast of the Wheeling Jamboree in keeping with the show’s history”. Jamboree show tours has turned away nearly a dozen travel bus groups since exiting the Wheeling Island Casino in mid-April and weekly live broadcast shows are resuming just in time to accommodate the Holiday travelers.

Online ticket sales are resuming this month and artists are being booked for Saturday nights throughout the year. Fans of the Country Music Legend are encouraged to visit the Jamboree website for the schedule in coming days. The official Grand Opening will also be announced on the Jamboree radio station, via social media and website www.WheelingJamboree.org.



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